F*CK the forum curse!! JETS WILL WIN 100% SURE!!

time to put an end to the dreaded forum curse. Jets are gonna win this motherfuckin game today!!!!

pats by a lot

the curse is reversed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, curse don't work like that. The curse will let you make it to the Super Bowl before striking you down on a Nick Folk shank wide left to lose the game.

Keep reversing the curse and shut the Steelers' self entitled, thuggish, idiotic fan base the fuck up next while you're at it.

Tommy, I'm a Dolphin fan and will never say this under any circumstance.. But last week and for this week, you got at least one Dolphin fan in your corner. Come Super Bowl Sunday, all bets are off and the truce is over.. However, until then, I'll pull for the Green.. I pulled for them against New England, I'm pulling for them this week.