Another f*k'n micro piece of sh*t. We seriously need to come together and do something to send these f*ckers back. there is not one thing positive this race brings.


*shit, sorry, got caught in the moment :op

But seriously... that is fucked up. I read the link to the Advertiser.

Read the comments left below the article. Guess we're not the only Micro haters either.

everybody in hawaii htes those f**kers. they bring it upon themselves too!

Yah, that fu&#er is a totaly waste of skin...like most of them.

And how dare he fricken use a Japanese first name like Sato...double FU's to that guy for smearing us J's.

werent the victims from Palau?

the wife worked at a bank and the husband a cook at JPN restaurant.

theyre not all bad.

It seems like almost every day, a Micro does something to make me hate them even more


Just looked at this guy's mugshot. . .

Is it just me, or does this guy look kinda hapa? 

With a first name like Sato, maybe he's Micro/Japanese?

Uh, oh. . .

*hides thread from hapa gf*

btw:  this loser deserves the death sentence for trying to kill a 2 year old girl


I wish he killed that fugger and had justice for himself and saved us tax $$$$

Now I gotta put on my Vigilante suit and take out yet another Microdot.

Why things gotta be so hard?

i wonder what happened to the group that raped the lady at the state capitol bus stop? did their case come up yet?

lol probably still raping, pillaging, and scumming up the air in hawaii.

 KILL ALL MICROS IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OPEN SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are whiners. When are you guys going to take action? Your homeland is slowly being run over by scum. Crying on the HG won't do anything about the problem.