F**K KOTC!!!!

Sorry folks, but this is a personal beef of mine with the promoter or KOTC. So, I was slated to fight this past Saturday in KOTC against Mike Seal. Unfortunately, the promoter was too cheap to some how get a ticket that I found for only $333 exactly from Ft. Hood, Texas, to San Diego, CA. You see, my fellow country men, I'm a Fleet Marine Corpsman, but I'm TAD at the hospital here in Texas from San Diego. The KOTC promoter wanted me to drive to Cali to get to the fight in time, but I was not able to get leave approved in time.

I even went as far as to offer up any and all winnings if he could swing the ticket. In other words, I offered to fight for FREE in KOTC just to be in it because being in the military was not going to allow me to trek the nearly 2,000 miles to get to the fight. Was the promoter understanding? Hell no! I was out, just like that. Now, I've NEVER before had to pay for an airline ticket, and have fought in dozens of lower budget shows, yet the promoters were always able to help get me there.

It would seem that getting money from Pay Per Veiw, video sales, and giving the fighters the lowest purses possible would help that promoter make one small exception, but hey, that's how the nuts swing, I guess. Now, my next fight is on the 19th of Jan, in Tiujana no less, and the promoter of that show is getting me a ticket to fly, food, plus hotel. Go figure!

Anyway, good luck to all the fighters out there including Mike Seal. I hope to fight you again;-)

Cedric "Spider Man" Marks

PS Think I'll never get another chance at KOTC now?:-)

Wow sorry to hear about that.


"F**K KOTC!!!!"

I too have heard great things about this organization. :)

ttt spiderman email me barnonecombat@hotmail.com

fuck kotc...those fuckers.

Yeah I was waiting for your fight and when I didn't see it I was mad.. that would have been another exciting rematch I was there for you other two fights against Seal.. and they were some exciting fights. That fight could have hyped the night up.

Sorry to here that. Good luck in your next fight.

He wasnt cheap with us, first class hotel, two tickets from michigan to cali and good pay..

Did you first agree to drive and then decide you couldnt? Perhaps his budget for the show was stretched already and he couldnt swing it? That would make sense, in that I have seen Terry put out alot of money to get fighters to his show..

That sucks Cedric!Man your fight against seal was crazy!I'm Rudy I used to train with Tony ...now I train with Dean you and Mike are a good grudge match looking forward to part 2.....here are some pics i took at your fight with him......Im not the happiest with KOTC either!

Get to work rude!..lol

*tries to hide UG under database screen*

I am working! ;)

when are you gonna be done moving attacko so we can begin the Jedi training....

the closest thing to being a marine is being marine corpsman......props nigga.

One freakin week Rude

Hey, thanks for the support. And no, I NEVER agreed to drive first. I always said that I had to put in well in advance for my leave, and any one in the military knows that sometimes that doesn't go through in time. I look forward to fighting again in other shows; promise to do everything I can to make it worth watching. Hey Chooch, you a Marine? If so, Semper Fi!!! Hoorah!! I'll shoot you an e-mail Bar. Laterz


"And no, I NEVER agreed to drive first. I always said that I had to put in well in advance for my leave, and any one in the military knows that sometimes that doesn't go through in time"

What happened, did you guys just not stay in contact? or did you wait for a ticket and just never got one? sign a contract?

Tim b-4 that we have to throw some back! This time you stay up and get stupid drunk wit me!

But for real you have some real cool friends made me feel like part of the group.
*cries cuz I have no friends*
Oh and for real that was my wife I didn't pay some escort to pretend she was my chick....
*crosses fingers*

lol.. Your wife is beautiful mang..And as far as throwin em back..you haven't seen what I am capable of yet!

*hands Rude a tissue*

No, no signed contract. And I only work with KOTC through my promoter. When I was sent TAD here at Ft. Hood, I was out to the field immediately (I guess these Army folks like the grass or something) anyway, as soon as I came in, I informed my promoter, and he talked to Terry. That's when things started sucking like a Clinton / Lewinsky reunion!

"started sucking like a Clinton / Lewinsky reunion! "