F**k! Need gift help OG!

So my wife and I did our full on christmas shopping last Friday. We mainly get gifts for our moms, dads, grandparents and nieces/nephews. Well after packing the car with gifts, I realized we missed 2 of our immediate nephews... One is a 7 year old who's into knives, guns, and villain masks (yes, I know one day I'll be visiting him in prison). The other is my sister's newborn who is now 4 months old... What the fuck can I get them? I can't do Target or other major stores due to time, but I don't mind stopping by a market or pharmacy since I have to get beer. I have approx an hour and a half while my wife and kid are getting ready. Ideas? Please and Thank you! Phone Post 3.0

TFK_BOZY - 4month old- teething crap
Dahmer- swiss army knife & Candy? Phone Post 3.0
Perfect! Thank you. Well, at least for the baby haha Phone Post 3.0

Kazp306 - Gift card. 20$ for a 7 year old is a lot Phone Post 3.0
And this. These 2 suggestions are spot on. Thanks frens! Phone Post 3.0

Ahh, I have the perfect thread for you. Search for:

Beatbum’s Gift Recommendations for Boys and Girls!

Suggestions for boys and girls that will help train them for the type of adulthood they will have based on gender. Phone Post 3.0