F Ron Artest!!!

He gets paid millions to be a lazy bastard!!!!..i say cut him and throw his ass in a Mcdonalds job!!He will then realize what a great job he has!

Be lazy in the off season..I hate the Pacers but hell at least try to be interested in the game!...

Dammit I contribute a thread so we can beat the gamerground and No One agrees with me!!!...Fine i will go write a thread for the Gamer ground..lol

Lazy??? hahahah that is the last word you can use to describe a man like Ron Artest. When Artest was still on the Bulls he tried to get a job at circuit city for his off days but Bulls management wouldnt let him.

Hell! Would'nt u know it..He comes off the bench and scores 18 for the Pacers...After oversleeping and missing the shootaround againest Memphis. So I was wrong !!! He is'nt lazy..Good job Ron.

"When Artest was still on the Bulls he tried to get a job at circuit city for his off days but Bulls management wouldnt let him."

Actually, he worked there part time for the first 2/3 of his rookie year, to kill free time. He wanted the employee discount on electronics. Management made him quit when they found out.


ron artest is the man!

3 pters, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, he does it all

one of the best all around players in the game

his only problem is he plays TOO hard and sometimes loses control,

hes just pissed cuz Carlisle wont let him go full speed, forcing them into slow developing set offenses

Does Ron Artest play hard? Yes. Does he go through lapses and pouts and whines and then lets it affect how he plays and the efforst he give? Yes. and his coach seems to feel the same way

and you can always tell a players character when he is called out by his coach, he will either step up or fold. Artest Im sure will step up but he needs to stop his whinning crap, show the coach he is wrong with your play.

If Artest was playing hard all the time, his coach would not be saying the things he is and if Artest was playing hard all the time he should be pissed off at his coach saying that and not so much much about how the offense runs

In all my years of playing no coach ever accused me of not playing hard, even when a coach said the team was not playing hard I was almost always singled out by myself or with a couple of others players that were playing hard. A coach has said I fucked up, I took bad shots, made bad passes, etc but never said I wasn't playing hard. If I was ever accused of that I would challenge the coach on the spot, say what you want about my game but don't ever say I don't play hard.

I hate Ron Artest. Just a jerk. Reasons like him is why I don't watch the NBA anymore.