The mighty PITTSBURGH STEELERS decided to take the day off, rest their starters, kick back, and kick the shit out of the playoff hungry, 6 straight win Bills.

Now to take a couple weeks off and get healthy, get Heinz field all pretty, and prepare for the Super Bowl run.

Thank You to the PITTSBURGH STEELERS for a spectacular regular season!!

What a great year from the Steelers. I am amazed how many guys stepped up their play to contribute to this great run. They are so focused right now. Credit Bill Cowher for that. And to think, there were people calling for him to be fired last summer. Go Steelers!

F'N Bledsoe nearly cost me my championship in Fantasy.

I've been riding Drew Brees but knew he wouldn't play today.

So I thought Bledsoe could score some decent numbers against the Steelers JV, but no, the F' Knock pulls a -0.20...

Luckily Larry Johnson and Jason Witten saved my ass...

Fuck the bills is right. If they would have won we would have gone to SD whom I would rather play than Indy.


I wouldn't want to play Indy at Indy. Need to get'em on grass... in the cold.

Thank u Willis... the Bills blow it, but he took me to my league's promised land...