Faber talks scuffle with Conor (video)



When does the IV ban take effect? Phone Post 3.0

He was goin for the pot of gold.

also if you think connor will have to move up so will aldo most likely. I wouldnt be suprised to see dc or rockhold being affected. Im sure im forgetting 30+ guys

"He looked like a crackhead"


Barbasol OOTFFTT - When does the IV ban take effect? Phone Post 3.0
October Phone Post 3.0

Feels like Cormier shit talking Werdum all over.... Team Mini Males are gonna be even smaller without their heads! Phone Post 3.0

Im just glad Faber the BW fighter didnt unleash a beating on Conner, he was so much stronger in the scuffle it was insane, was that one of the worst takedown attempts ever seen?

Comes off better in this video then from his instagram post .

urijahfaberLooks Connor's Jr high level wrestling hasn't learned the drag re-drag drill yet. I've seen crack heads roaming the streets that look healthier than McGregor right now. @ufc @teamalphamalemma


Setting up the beef WWE style for Connor v. Faber. Phone Post 3.0

He felt like a Junior high girl Phone Post 3.0

BEEEEEEP Phone Post 3.0