Fabes and Wiman T-shirt









tell them to put the shirts back in circulation


Cause we all need one of these


i'm still waiting for mine

yeah, i owe you one arias.

you'll get comped my friend.

quit trying to hijack my thread Frenchie!

I'd wear one at UFC 62.

Yeah boyyyyyyyyy!!!!

I'd buy both!!

*(could I get OMA(tm) to sign them?)


"*(could I get OMA(tm) to sign them?)"


Thanks for your 'attempt' at humor darulemaster.

I'm in.

SaintDogg mad!

SaintDogg smash!

I don't know if we have a size big enough for you.

Afraid not.

gazes @ personal fabes shirt in closet

thanks for the support.

especially from shane garrett, the greatest MMA ref the world has ever known.

How about two mediums and you can just sew them together?

perfect but the sleeve needs a dairy queen patch