Fabiano Iha vs. Nick Diaz

I'd like to see this fight happen next. If Fabiano is still fighting, I think this would be a good fight and he does have a good shot at submitting the young gun. I'm not a Team Punishment/Oyama nutrider either, I just always enjoyed Fabiano Iha's fights.

Fabiano gets knocked the fuck out, man... I know the guy, I like the guy, I've met the guy... but bro, he seems to forget his face is there whenever he goes for a sub. To me, this is not entertaining.

So-so fighter... incredible teacher.

incredible teacher, but diaz would ko him and defend his subs. DIaz is the better fighter.

Fabiano has taken a big break with his wife and kids

Nick by helicopter arm bar

Nick by nasty KO

Does Fabiano teach in Derby,CT?

I like Fabiano and he has always been cool to me but he is a better fighter than a teacher. He is incredibly athletic but not all that technical. Nice guy but not a great teacher.