Fabio Holanda Seminar Halifax

Fitness Plus is proud to announce that we will be hosting a 1 day seminar with Fabio Holanda. Fabio Holanda is a blackbelt in B.J.J. and is part of Brazilian Top Team. Fabio is sure to teach techniques that show why he is one of the best grapplers in Canada today.

The seminar will be held 3pm Sunday, November 28 at Fitness Plus Martial Arts, 126 Main Street, Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Cost for the seminar is $50 Cdn. Please call (902)435-1738 to book your spot.

Look forward to seeing you on the mat!


Fabio is the head instructor at Gamma in Montreal -- not only a top-tier fighter, but a gifted instructor. His kimura (AKA Holanda) transitions are insane, not only for the sub itself but for what it does for your guard game when your opponent knows you can catch him at any time if he so much as puts his hand down.

But aside from the "Holanda" part of his game, he has a way of breaking things down so they make sense. You're not just doing a move because that's how it's done, but because you understand the timeing and logic behind it. This difference in instruction allows you to improvise much better on your own and bring what he teaches into your own game much more easily than with some other instructors.

All this is to say that attending this seminar is a no-brainer and you should all do it ;)



Just to add I have only had the pleasure once of meeting Fabio at the APEX show and he has to be the nicest guy ever.

Ginger, I have past this note off to a few guys here in Saint John and in PEI.


Thanks for the support of this seminar guys. It would be great to see you guys there.


it would be great to get some nb and pei guys in nathan.

Scott please send me the specifics- sharonj@nbnet.nb.ca


You have mail.


Will Fabio be doing his seminar with the other BJJ Black Belt in Halifax from the same club?

Guilherme is in Brasil right now, but there is a very good possibility he will be back in time for the seminar. I should know in the next few days.

Wiley, Guilherme will be back for the seminar. He is returning next week.

I think his first seminar in MTL was the first seminar I ever went to. Awesome then, and I don't doubt even more awesome now.

rene, what did he cover in that seminar?

He covered the basic training drills BTT does, which are worth their weight in gold. He also did a series of half-guard stuff, I think based on Magarida's game. There were a few other things as well, lots of little details and tips.

He's going to show you a lot of wicked drills and answer all your questions's and show you the best sequences in bjj.

that'll do :)