Are there 2 fable games? I noticed that one said something like "the lost scrolls" on it, It's a platinum hit for xbox. Is this different from the original fable game?

It's got extra stuff, like some extra quests and an extra area or two. Otherwise it's the same game. Obviously it's the one to get if you haven't already played the regular one.

Bout 3-4 extra hours of content.

That's equal to the PC version right?

fable =Huge letdown

"Bout 3-4 extra hours of content."

Wow, that would at least bring it up to the length of the average action game. Wish I had waited for that version.

"fable =Huge letdown"

I can't really disagree there. The fighting and graphics were good, but all the stuff that was supposed to make it deeper and set it apart from the rest of the action crowd turned out to be laughable.

I really really enjoyed chicken punting ill give the game that.. Hopefully they add a whole lot on to this game.. make it along the lines of oblivion with bigger levels and more to explore and not so linear(sp?)

I liked it a lot. Sure, it didn't live up to the things it was supposed to do, but it was a fun action/adventure/rpg with beautiful graphics.