Fabricio Werdum Cancelled

Arashi-Do Martial Arts regrets to inform you that Fabricio Werdum will not be able to make it to Canada this time around. We do hope to have Professor Sylvio Behring here in June for the Behring Alberta Cup Grand Championships in June.

Thank you.

Jason St-Louis Arashi-Do Martial Arts Red Deer. Franco/Behring Jiu-Jitsu

Fabricio apologize but his Canadian visa was refused and if he wants to go there he must get back to Brazil and aply here...he´s living in Spain and after the bomb in Madrid the situation changed and it´s much more difficult to a Brazilian with Arabian look, get a visa out of his Country.

I´m working on my papers to be able to get there on time for Behring Alberta Cup and visit, Shah, Scott and Pedrao!

Missing my firneds, students and reps!

Take care,

Professor Sylvio Behring