Facebook Prelims?

I don't see them on the website. Also downloaded the UFC app and don't see them.
Are they not up yet, or am I just looking in the wrong place? Phone Post 3.0

In for YouTube link Phone Post

Youtube link is saying 20 minutes, so must be starting at 7pm and not 6:30.



Thanks guys Phone Post

I just purchased on the event on xbox app and it says I get fb prelims as well and they start at 4 cali time. 20 mins Phone Post

Thanks for the youtube links. VU Mahatma.

UFC website has a video that is also showing a countdown timer currently at 15 minutes.
The caption however says "Live @ 6:30 PM EST". Phone Post 3.0

Delayed a bit because of Cantone not fighting from what I understand Phone Post

11:30 to go

musics going on fb...

Thanks for the links.. Phone Post

my facebook stream is skipping...very annoying

mine 2!

Mine three, youtube stream seems more reliable, but FB stream has higher quality (at times, sometimes way worse than youtube stream)

Is there a youtube stream for the prelims on FX (for the longest time I didn't know they were available for free on Facebook, hah)?