my gf has a custom clothing and apparel company where she presses designs onto T shirts and other clothing

she just tried putting up 2 ads on facebook, to celebrate upcoming events
the 1st ad was for pride… the ad showed GAY PRIDE FLAGS pressed onto masks
that ad was accepted right away

the 2’nd ad showed CANADA FLAGS pressed on to masks
the ad has been rejected 3 x

the wording on the ads were identical except the gay pride and Canada day were swapped out

if you have noticed there is a Push to cancel Canada day because of the 215 indigenous children found in a mass grave.

but facebook seems to be supporting this

it’s funny because my GF is a Black female business owner and is now not allowed to sell her goods on facebook because she is being pushed down the WOKE ladder… below every child matters.

this is where we are heading


canada deal with it GIF

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Canada Day is pretty pathetic… but it shouldn’t be canceled!

i think we will paint the next house pink after it’s rebuilt

Facebook can’t cancel this…


you’re a big deal on Facebook - get to the bottom of this

yeah, like that’s the only thing your country is responsible for.

facebook is already doing it

Fuck Facebook!

i dont think this is getting enough attention

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I’ll never stop celebrating Canada day!

Canada Flag GIF by Casol

Jealous GIF by Todd Rocheford

I was but I walked away.

I’m the Canadian GSP of Facebook.