Facebook Virus/spyware question

I'll freely admit to being way behind the times when it comes to social networking stuff like facebook and twitter. I had a client ask me if they were virus magnets, and should she stop having her agents use it at work( this was done as I was repairing an infected computer). Now, I have heard that people are doing marketing and sales via facebook, so I don't want to eliminate a potential tool for her agents, but I don't want infected computers either.

So question - is facebook a serious malware threat? Web articles to read would be most appreciated.

Thanks all

Facebook, according to TRUSTe, is in the top 10 most trust worthy sites.


The only potential problem with viruses come in the form of Hoax'. The latest one is where rumors were spreading that a particular app was actually a virus. What the unsuspecting person would do upon hearing that is, google "facebook app virus" and then land on malicious sites. The site would then have them download/install a virus removal tool (actual virus) and pretend to clean their system, of the made up infection.


Titan - thanks! Appreciate the information.