Facebookez-moi, les Beetchez!

Finally got convinced to join facebook and am now completely hooked.

If you know me, get on facebook and send me a friend invite. As an incentive, I have some pics of Josh at 6.5 months taking the back on a bunny and then workin the rubber guard! Too cute for words.

Sorry, no porn yet.


PS -- Do it now, b!tches!

Woo hoo! Lots of new friend lists to mine for hotties!

All your facebook are belong to us!

And here I was thinking Facebooking was a young man's game! And i assume since you are married to such a lovely lady that you are mining hotties for your friends(moi)


Joe are you in Ottawa this weekend?


W -- I am not.

Giraffo -- EVERYTHING is a young man's game. What am I supposed to do, calcify?

Facebook rules...

Sorry...did I say that out loud?