Faces of Antifa - updated 6.8.21

They all look like unhinged gender-bending fags. No wonder they are pissed off.

It’s all the losers that simply can’t interact with other humans so they find solidarity in that.

Imagine that really weird dude in high school. Not weird like goth or punker or into super obscure music. Weird like the hot girl in class wants to switch seats with you because he keeps saying how good she smells, which he sees no issue with saying, and he has no redeeming qualities. Antifa is all that dude. Shunned by society because they simply can’t connect and it’s everybody else’s fault.

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That’s what all the bums look like that hang out around the Portland street corners. That place is turning into a literal shithole, don’t let the leftists on here fool you. There is trash littered next to the roads, tents everywhere, and people like you see in these photos all over the place. The Multnomah DA could end antifa in an instant if he started prosecuting them. Fuck Portland and fuck antifa.

BLM and Antifa are getting funded by the same political donors.

His parents left Viet-fuckin-nam to escape communism only to have this shameful piece of shit advocate for it. Liberal education system for the win.

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Yep, rich leftists fund their bailout money and leftist da’s in King & Multnomah counties rarely prosecute them.

Or did they leave vietnam so their son could have a voice and contribute to the world?

When you say contributions to the world are you referring to sling shot manuals? Or maybe it’s the multiple arrest for rioting?

I was talking about andy ngo. I guess I misunderstood and thought you were referencing him.

That’s rough. Hopefully she snaps out of it.