Facts about Cards/Cubs Series

Cub pitching dominated the top offensive team in the league (so far) this season.

Pujols, Edmunds, Rolen, & Renteria combined to go 14-56 (.250) with 5 RBI over 4 games. The rest of the team went 12-70 (.171). They scored 10 runs over 4 games.

The bad news is late walks enabled St. Louis to escape with 2 wins. We get that fixed and next time it's a sweep.

Ummm what about the Cardinals horrible pitching controlling the Cubs high scoring offense(so far this year anyways). With the exception of late runs yesterday to put it up to 7 the cardinals pitched well.

Anyways I am OK with the split. Basically the Cardinals split with everyone so far this year. It might not be at first but that is how it happens...like getting swept by Houston then sweeping Houston.

"The bad news is late walks enabled St. Louis to escape with 2 wins."

LOL at the excuses

shadetree - Always there to comment on shit he doesn't know about. Did you see the games?

yes I watched the Games..And yes I saw the Cubs pitching staff walk the cardinals out of pure fear.


Yeah. I'm sure you can get a lot of fans on here to agree with you that Farnsworth & LaTroy Hawkins are scared of the Cardinals hitters. Dipshit.

Im just laying out the facts.

They are very rude..Actually bitter would be a better word.But then again they are going through a 90 plus year drought, so its understandable.