Fadda Jiujitsu


Do they train in no-gi? Are they interested in entering ADCC or MMA type of events?

thanx, armbreaker. They sound like a cool system.

sigh...i miss mississippi so much.
i am from biloxi, ms right next to keesler.
zachary abernathy
ps. now i am homesick.

Are there any practitioners of this art here? In the development of it did they
trade ideas with the gracies, or did they spring up there own modifications to
the old jiujitsu? Or is it pure Maeda Jiujitsu? i can't seem to find any info on the art,
except for there web page, but there is not much there.

I think "Armbreaker" has rolled with a couple of their members in Rio.

Do they ever compete in grappling tourneys? Are they more of a stand up self defence based art? Seems nobody knows about them.

thanks breaker

TTT 4 Armbreaker

I heard some of their students have competed in and done reasonably well in a few BJJ tournies. Got no support for that, but I do recall reading it on here.

Hey Breaker, what part of MS are you from and where do you guys roll? I am originally from Mt. Olive, between Jackson and Hattiesburg.

great info!