Fair price for a 68 VW transaxle?

I have one of these in my backyard, and someone is interested in it. What would a fair price be? And didn't they change in 1970? Not the whole thing, but the pressure plate was different or something?

I'll give you 50 cents for it 0_o

I'll give you 50 cents for it 0_o

Thanks,Jonwell, but I alreadyu have a buyer, and I was just wondering what they go for. Are there any places on the net where I cam get used parts prices?


Thanks for the link, going there now.

Which of the 8 vw models made that year did it come from?

It was a Beetle.

I really have no clue the value but if the trans is dead stock and was working ok when pulled and hasn't been submerged in water, It should be worth something as an unmolested transaxle is hard to find.