fair rating of other team

i'm going to assign teams for members to rate..please be as honest and fair as you can

CousinEddie - Yankees, Mets

Hawkeyefan - REd Sox, Cardnials

Gaydar- Whitesox, Giants

Shadtree - Dodgers, Angles

scott spain - Pirates, Twins

fcfkruse - Astros, Royals

Pretjah - Cubs(oops i meant to do the cubs), Mariners

if i left you off the list and you want to rate a team let me know

Nobody is rating the Cubs? WTF? And who the hell are YOU to tell ME what to do!?!

i'm not telling you to do it..i just think it would be intresting to get a take on how a person rates other teams.

and sorry i forgot the cubs i really really meant to put them in

*waits patiently for Eric's breakdown of the Mets*

LOL, okay I'll give it a try. Being fair will be tough, since I dislike both teams though.

New York Yankees: This team so far has been a bit of a surprise, they swept Oakland to get back to .500. The lineup that was supposed to strike fear in the hearts of many has hit .228, last in the AL. We all know about Jeter's struggles, but Bernie Williams hasn't been hitting well either. Posada is actually the only guy who's been consistently good so far, IMO, and is the closest thing they have to a .300 hitter so far (.299). But we are fooling ourselves if we think this will continue all season long. The starting pitching has been a bit spotty---Brown has been good, Contreras has been bad, and Vasquez has been a little of both. Mussina struggles if he can't locate his offspeed stuff; he doesn't have enough velocity to throw his fastball by people. They will miss Andy Pettitte more than they think. Their bullpen has been superb--Gordon, Quantrill, and Riviera all have ERA's under 3.20 and WHIP's under 1.30 (Gordon is under 1). Overall, I give the Yankees a "C" so far, but this will change for the better, you can count on that. I still think Boston will win the East by 2 games.

New York Mets: Ugh. This pains me. A lot. But to put myself in a better mood, I'll start off by talking about their offense, LOL. Mike Cameron leads this team with 10 RBI's and 13 Runs scored. Piazza leads them in Batting Average, hitting .288---31 points below his lifetime click, as Deeder will almost certainly point out. Their starting pitching has been a plus, Glavine and Leiter have been good, both with ERA's under 1.70 and WHIP's under 1.10. The rest of the staff is average though, and Leiter's numbers have only gotten him one win because of the horrible offense. Braden Looper is the only guy coming out of the bullpen worth a shit, but he's the closer and they'll have a tough time getting to him. Stanton's the next best guy, and he's not very good. This team is in fourth place in the NL East, look for them to remain there for the rest of the year.

Red Sox - First thing that comes to mind is "Best team in baseball". Offensively Manny has thrown them on his shoulders and is carrying them to victory. They are not a high ranked offense but are scoring enough to win. Ortiz has always been a pretty good hitter but not too well known and is really hitting well thus far. Those two and Varitek have been the main weapons. I think the beating they have given the Yanks will give them confidence throughout the season. The fast start vs. the Yanks slow start helps, too. Making the Yanks chase them in the standings is nice IMO. And then getting Trot & Nomar back should really help the lineup. Hmmm...would you rather face Cesar Crespo or Nomar? Pitching has been excellent. They lead MLB in ERA by 1/2 a run. Schilling & Pedro have started very well. But the real fast start has been Wakefield with his 2.14 ERA. The bullpen, too, has been outstanding. Foulke & Embree & Co. are doing very well. Overall, the worst part of the BoSox right now is their Offense, and they still have the best record. I don't necessarily see them staying this hot, and the Yanks will surely challenge, but I do see them winning the division and probably going to the series behind Schilling & Pedro.

Ahhh - The Cards. My least favorite team of all. A big 4 game set starting tonight against the Cubs. They are .500 right now, which is about where I see them being at the end. Offensively it all starts with Pujols. But he has been a little off so far. Rolen is tearing the cover off the ball along with Reggie Sanders. Don't expect Sanders to continue @ .325 or keep putting up his power numbers. Renteria is also hitting well. This team is the NL leader in Avg., the MLB leader in SLG. & OPS. & HR. I don't see them keeping that pace all year but that's what they've put up so far. Now for the pitching - The starters combined have about a 4.50 ERA and are 7-8. And that's the good news. The closer (Isringhausen)had a 5.40 ERA and the other 2 most used relievers have a 4.50 & 5.06. As a team they have a 4.73 ERA and only 3 saves. As a whole, this team will slow down a little offensively IMO when they run into the 'Stros & Cubs' staffs, they are currently 2-5 against Milwaukee but somehow traded sweeps with Houston. I don't see them challenging for the NL Central really, but if that offense stays hot and the staff helps out a little they could be a spoiler.

Good breakdowns so far. I am a Cardinals fan as many probably know by now. I think the offense will slow down...it has to. However, their pitching has been quite a bit better over the past 10 days or so. It could certainly be a hell of a lot better, but any improvement is good.

ryan if you want to take part do the teams i said i was gonna do

Sorry. Don't know enough of the other teams to give a a fair assessment. I'd just go to ESPN.com and read what they have to say, and you guys can do that. ;)


a team that has to hit to score runs. is batting .259 vs opponents .282 that there says alot.
but it doesn't stop there. they only have one guy hitting over .300 Speizio and only one other hitting over .275 dan wilson.
the glaring problem there is that those two combined only have 7 more atbats than Ichiro who is hitting .270

now the bad news....yeah that was the good news. the pitching is horrible...even worse then the cardinals. only one starter has an ERA under 4.78 Freddy Garcia and he is 0-1 in 5 starts...in his 5 starts the team has scored 1,5,1,1 and 0 runs....ugggh and their bullpen doesn't look that much better.

i know their division is evenly talented but it appears they are going to be left behind unles they get some pitching and hitting soon.


i'll start with their obvious strengths here.

not much needs to be said about their starting pitching. even with out prior they are a very very strong staff. Clement has really really surprised me. i knew he was a very good pitcher...but the kid is actually dominating some games. if he can keep this up for the entire year he could put in a running for cy young. same goes for Zambrano and wood.

also offensively no one doubted the power this team could put out. the only question was how consistant are they going to be.... up to this point they've been doing well.

now the bad news...uggh this pen...now the word consistant can never be used with them. 48 walks in 56.2 innings says it all...that is horrendous numbers and explains why they are lossing late ballgames.