Fair to say UFC heavy Pride...

I think it's fair to say the UFC heavy weights are awesome! and put on a good show..... but not on the same level as the Pride heavy weight stature. Sylvia or Arlovski would be in trouble against the Pride elite. They would be good in the mix but not on the level that the others are on.

Let me clean this thought up with

Correct if you mean the Pride elite as Fedor and Mino.

let's see...pride elite:

fedor, mino, crocop, hunt, kharitonov, lil fedor...to name a few

yeah, they'd have trouble

you know, I hae trouble calling hunt a pride elite HW. I do so because he beat crocop, but crocop's gameplan was stupid. if he took him down he could have easily beat him ala yoshida. sigh. but sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread hehe

I don't see anyone in Pride or the UFC that beats Mino or Fedor, that's why I call them the elite.

There are UFC heavy's that could beat Crocop, Hunt, Sergei, Werdum, and certainly Aleks.