fairtex gloves

Can anyone direct me to a place/person that sells fairtex gloves?

I used to purchase them from auspac but that distributor is no more.

any help would be great

Never tried Fairtex, i always stick with Windy!

how do you find the knuckle padding on the windy gloves?

also have you ever tried twins? if so how do you rate them

I have an old pair of twins somwhere, good gloves, for me there almost the same as windy, ive just stuck with windy for some reason.
Padding has been fine with my older gloves not as bulky as some on the market although i cant compare to fairtex, ive never used them.

Im going to thailand soon, so no doubt ill be looking for some bargains and new gear, side note im also bringing back a training partner and pad holder lol, no doubt ill get him some fights while hes here :D

is there a windy retailer in australia ?

i saw somewhere about www.windyboxing.com
for windy in australia but that has been coming soon for months...

i used to get my stuff from a guy called NICK in southport, he used to be a windy distributer and had his own shop, not sure how to contact him but if you give me a day or 2 i recon i might be able to ither get hold of him or at least find out if hes still selling the stuff.

try Elvis

i can export from philippines for you. may cost a little more on shipping

What state are you based in?  Each state has a distributor.  We distribute in NSW. fairtex (at) spma.net.au


Call Craig Parsons on 0355620774 for Fairtex Gear. There equipment is number 1.

Just bought a new pair off 10oz fairtex gloves this week from the guys at fightworld in Southport (Gold Coast). My pair of Windy gloves finally started to look sad after many years of punishment. After trying many different brand on, the thing which sold me was the quality of the stitching and the lining of the glove. Have yet to try them out in anger, but they feel very supportive in all the right spots and are very comfortable. Haven't seen or heard from Nick in ages. Say hello to him from me if you catch him Frank. Ade

Fairtex make great MMA and Boxing gloves

who is the victorian distributor?

zacs emporium i think are the dudes in Vic. They are somewhere on the south coast, Portland maybe if i remember correctly.

There is no official Victorian Distributor.  Currently the importer, Craig Parsons, the Importer, currently distrubutes for Victoria.  Tony gave you his number above.  His shop is called Zac's Emporium.