Fairtex's New NHB Glove

We had the opportunity to try out the new Fairtex gloves at our Reality Combat event last weekend. It is a different design then the older ones that were out. The improvements that I noticed is in hand protection. The glove has a more Japanese style design. It has a lot more hand protection than smaller gloves. You would think because the glove is a little bigger it would be softer (not the case), we had 3 knockouts at our event that would say different. I also liked the fact the glove has no sharp edges on it. As a promoter I found this very important. They also are going with a no thumb design that I thought was really good for grappling. Last but not least the gloves are super sharp looking and we got them with both gold and silver trim. I would like to thank Fairtex for letting us use them at our event. Killer product…..


Are these the Shooto gloves?

Fairtex Gear is top quality. The new MMA gloves sound cool.


ttt for reality combat and fairtex

i really wanted to use them.

Are they the NHB Fight glove Thumbless on this page?


Sounds great. I look forward to seeing them in Australia. TTT for Fairtex.

Hey guys here are pictures of the gloves. Fairtex gave us the honor of being one of the first shows to road test these gloves. They recieved rave reviews from the fighters.



When are they going to be available to purchase?

These gloves are fantastic, they will be an asset to the fight community!

These gloves look awesome.

they look awesome

i use them. they kick arse

Fairtex makes some great products. There have been quite a few people over at Millennia who have been using the Fairtex gloves, and they love them.

Just wanted to let you all know that we are priviliged to be the first to offer these awesome gloves anywhere! We will have more details up later this week, but we have these in very limited quantities and we expect them to go fast.


I'm going to keep my mouth off of Fairtex's butt for this thread, but I will proudly put it on the butt of MMawarehouse. Just an awesome site with great delivery times and customer service.