Faixa Preta #23 and #24 Issues

Can anyone help me get these two issues? I will pay.



I guess you´ll have to sign in to keep in contact with them.

Click at "Sua Conta" (your account) and proceed.

Then click at "Fale Conosco" (talk to us) and write your message.

This site can help you to translate the site from Portuguese to English:


Thanks alot.I will give it a try.If I could alteast get the issue with Rickson on it I would be happy.

I couldnt sign up.I have no way of getting ahold of them.

I´ll see whatelse I can do.

They didn't answer me either.

Whats the email you tried to contact? Thanks for trying.

I tried to sign in to the site, but I didn't get the answer.

Thanks alot for trying.

Can someone find me the issue with Rickson on it#24 I'll pay good for it.