Hi Guys,

Thank you for the support of Soulfight.net, the Faixa Preta Series and BJJ Seminar Series DVDS in 2010. Tomorrow I will be competing at the Gracie Nationals at the LA Fitness Expo. Also, I will be at the Grapple Grip booth supporting my friend's product. If you see me, say hello.

I'm marketing my instruction of jiu-jitsu differently so people can download my instruction to their computer, IPods, IPads and other MP4 devices. Go to the Soulfight.net online store and download all 6 DVDS of both Series for $48. One payment. Easy.

You will receive Faixa Preta Series Vol.1 180 BJJ Partner Drills, Vol. 2 The Hook Sweep Game A-Z, Vol.3 The 50/50 for BJJ; Bjj Seminar Series Vol.1 High Percentage Guard Passing, Escapes and Attacks, Vol.2 The Sao Paulo Approach to Passing the Guard. Over nine hours of instruction. And my dvd projects have receive good reviews of the content.<br />Offer ends at the end of the month of Feb.

$48 supports my jiu-jitsu projects and I have helped support jiu-jitsu since 1995. Download at soulfight.net!

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uElEpkxxFhQ

Spread the word,

"little" Tony Pacenski
BJJ Revolution Team

That's a great deal, Tony! Your DVD's are great!

TTT for Little Tony!!!