Fake MMA Claims or Real: U DECIDE

Ok. For you sleuths and plain old bullshido-hunters. Take a look at some of these claims from a resume and give me your judgment. It already stinks to high heaven but maybe I'm wrong. Real - or BS?

October 2005 - Picked to be US Head Coach/Team Captain for NHB and Grappling of the World Games, Cancun Mexico

August 2005 - Promoted to 5th Dan in Israeli Attack Safe Defense Systems

July 2004 – US National Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee – No Holds Barred Fighter of the Year

December 2003 - Appointed by the U.S. National Martial Arts Team/Alliance to fight in the World Games to be held in Athens, Greece.

July 2000 - Terrace Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee. Inducted as "Youngest Inductee Ever".
January 2000 - Recognized as 4th Dan and

Creator/Author of the Ta Gi Gaku Karate-Do system by the American Alliance of Martial Artists.

August 1997 - Nominated as Captain of the O.D.K.A. International Fighting Team.

July 1997 - Received the rank of Shodan in the exclusive system of Dai-Ichi Shotokan Karate-Do.

July 1997 - Ranked #7 Nationally in the World Traditional Karate-Do Federation invitationals and recognized unanimously as "Most Intimidating" by a panel of 28 judges.

July 1993 - Ranked #12 Nationally and recognized as "Youngest Ranking Fighter in Tournament History".

1000% Real.

I stand by my resume 100%, Arclight. I even left off some of my more noteworthy accomplishments, such as being named "1998 Rookie of the Year" for the Panamanian Underground Cagefighting League.

I believe it was a rank of ni dan in July 1997.

"1000% Real. "



Who is Manny Reyes Alex.

lol not Manny. But since like 98% of the organizations cited in that resume are pure bullshit, doing a google search on parts of that resume will turn up some very precise results.

the Panamanian Underground Cagefighting League is where Jeremy Horn got his start actually.

good stuff!

frank dux imo.

Blake, Jeremy's PUCL rookie card recently sold for $9,000 on ebay.

okay I'll be the one...

Master Sensei L'Onis

Give us the name??? i have got to google this guy for more laughes...lol

TTT for a name

I already did you cad. ;)

Master Sensei L'Onis

Shall I add to this? Here is something else the Master wrote:

"I am the US headcoach for nhb, grappling, & kickboxing...... We fight in Hawai in October, and several other locations afterwards, and again in
Beijing for nthe world games in 08."

NOTE: The next World Games is actually 2009 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. And its every 4 years - the 2005 World Games was in Germany (not in Cancun like his resume) and there was no 2003 World Games either like in his resume.

However the PUCL holds finals every 18 months under a full moon in a pit in the jungle lit only by moonlight and torches. I am trying to get the bootleg video from MMAGear.com right now. We will see if ORB was really champion.

I'd like to sparr with the chick on his homepage :)~

Those (incl. the chick) are stock Krav Maga photos from their marketing kit. Every Krav Maga school under Levine's organization has the ability to use the standard advertising templates, photos, letterhead, logos, etc.

However this guy also claims to be under Mike Kanarek's FIGHT Israeli combatives too... HMMM.

I'm still waiting for my call-up to the PUCL. Until I get my shot though I'll just keep doing my thing in the Costa Rican farm system.