Fake Statistics, Pro Debut?

Went to the X-Treme Gladiators event last night (left early) where they had been hyping up Colby "The Beast" Chapman who was making his pro mma debut. Articles on the event say he has a 42-3 amatuer fight record.

I can't locate any info on these fights (sherdog/fcfighter). Anyone seen him fight?

From watching his Pro MMA Debut I am not sure if he has ever fought. Why would someone make their pro debut before they even fight amatuer?

Picture didn't show up...

here is the link:


Richmond,VA..............Rocky 6 comes out at the end of the year, but on
September 23 at the Coliseum in Richmond the Real Life Rocky from Virginia
makes his long awaited professional Xtreme Fighting debut. After compiling a
very impressive record of 41-3 with 39 ko's as an amateur-Colby Chapman is
set to take on Steve Cotterman also making his pro debut on the undercard of
11 big fight that includes the Heavyweight Xtreme championship. The legend
of Xtreme Fighting Royce Gracie will also be on hand to present another
legend Lloyd Irvin the former World Brazilian Ji-Jit-su champions an award!
The Main event will be Sherman 'The Tank' Pendergarst vs. Pat 'Stone' Stano
who had a draw with the legend Dan Severn. The undercard card also features
the very popular Dave Kaplin and Mike Easton. The card gets started at 7:30
P.M. and there will be Celebrity appearances. The event will also feature
the hottest woman in Richmond contest in which the crowd will judge. Tickets
are available at all TicketMaster locations.

as long as he can hang with the pros it doesn't matter.

Fighting should be a meritocracy. If you're good you're good.. don't need to pay your dues in the amateur leagues.

41-3 in the amateur league is not that impressive - Gokor was 62-0 when he went pro at age 10.

76% of statistics are made up

I didn't know that many statistics were made up. These were obviously made up though

Fighters can have pro fights w/o any amateur fights especially in areas where there is no commission and all fights are recorded as pro.

Out of 45 fights I can't find any info.

"76% of statistics are made up"


It is true ^^^^^

Sherdog and FCF databases don't have complete pro databases let alone amateur. Think about how many pro fights there is each week and you would realize why people's records are completely wrong on there.

Don't both Josh Neer and Melvin Guillard have a shit ton of amateur fights?