FAKES ! ! ! ! !

through my years of collecting i have noticed some fakes along the way. it seems that lately there are a lot more out there than before. there are also some cats reproducing older ufc posters. i have not concluded my investigations yet, but im going to get to the bottom of this!!!!!!!!!!

you know who you are......

both making it and presenting it as real are state crimes...once you use the post office you have committed federal mail fraud punishable up to 5 years and sometimes up to 30 years and/or a 1 million fine

get your evidence and report these scumbags...i'm in the process of gathering evidence on the prick that fucked me over...if you are reading this douchebag...and you know who you are...karma is a bitch motherfucker

bjjdna-He moved again but I have his address if you need it to contact him.

Selling a known FAKE is fucked-up, PERIOD. If you get taken, dont re-sell it. If you do, youre going to be the one responsible for the fake. The "I bought it a while ago" excuse is getting lamer every day. If you get "FAKED", report the item and seller here.....END OF STORY. That way if somebody gets screwed by a seller in JAPAN, the seller gets blackballed and nobody else but the unsuspecting buyer gets screwed. Everybody gets screwed sometime, sooner or later if youre in this game. I have many times. Ive been screwed by a guy in England for $215 CASH, I have been screwed for a lot less many times by EBAY sellers, and I have been screwed many times in trades by receiving bogus shit in a trade. How many collectors out there are sick of worrying about buying fake shit? If youre spending over $50 or so, you should! There are easy ways to spot fakes and there are other ways to spot really good fakes. I will be writing more on this subject soon.....so don't sell FAKES because you will be exposed.... even if you are re-selling the shit you got screwed with in the first place........FP

i think if people buy a fake, and they know it, they shouldnt resell it. then that makes YOU selling fakes. everyone says "i got this from a guy a long time ago". thats BS!

"If youre spending over $50 or so, you should! "

that leaves me out

i rcently got a ufc 26 poster from ebay. it was a fake for sure. it was a different size than the other smaller versions. i left feedback saying it was a fake. i felt then it was my duty to take them out of circulation. if i sold that to one of you guys, that would be jacked up. just have to bite the bullet rather than ruin my reputation.