Falcon and Winter Soldier Discussion Thread

That’s exactly how I feel. The show is just boring. I can take it or leave it but worse than the show being boring is all the wokeness associated with it. Disney is killing Marvel and Star wars with their insistence on shoe horning political agendas

I don’t know how I feel about the new SuperSoldier Serum having no transformational effects or side effects. I get that when Steve took it it hurt like a motherfucker in that Vita-Ray machine, and when the Winter Soldier subjects got Stark’s version it made them scream in pain for a night, and that’s medical progress. But Walker takes it and there is nothing but super strength and roid rage?

Alas, poor Battlestar, we hardly knew ye.

Take this with a grain (maybe more…a lot more) of salt.

In the comics, the super soldier serum was one in a million and never replicated. Governments and others have spent decades trying to recreate the super soldier serum (most famous the “Weapon” program that was responsible for creating Deadpool and Wolverine in the “Weapon X” program) Anyhoo, I think the point is that Steve was unique and always will be. Any other variation of the super soldier serum has side-effects that are detrimental.

Marvel might start to imply that this variation of the super soldier serum is causing madness in Walker and the flag smashers.

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Pretty sure Walker hadn’t taken it as of that final fight, but Battlestar’s death will of course push him over the edge.

I thought it was pretty clear he did take it - he threw the shield so hard it went several inches deep in concrete, and when the terorrist tried to hit him with a steel pipe, he bent it like a pool noodle.

Also, the Dora Milaje and terrorists both kicked his ass earlier in the episode - but in that last fight, he was whooping EVERYONE, and easily at that. He aso jumped out of a 4th or 5th floor window and landed on his feet on that car like it was no big deal.

Got to admit I’m liking the Zemo character. Marvel likes to makes bad-guys that make you think that yeah, I feel for him and he does make sense. Zemo and Thanos are those likeable baddies.

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Yeah, sometime between getting his ass beat by the Wakanda ladies and sitting at the bus depot he took that vile he stuffed in his pocket

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I like the new cap. I can see why he behaves the way he does. I shed a tear when his black friend was killed. And at that moment I knew the chick had screwed up.


Smashing through a door, planting his shield 8 inches into concrete, kicking a guy down a flight of 20 stairs, bending a giant steal pipe, Falcon saying “What did you do?” After seeing him do all that. Then jumping out a window and crushing a car.

None of that lead you to believe he had taken the serum yet? :wink:


But the US also had concentration camps. In fact, everybody had them and it’s still legal today. US citizens with Japanese or German roots were interned and all their stuff was permanently stolen from them.

30+ minutes of falcon and winter soldier boat fixer uppers. Some of the fight choreography in this show is head scratching imo.

Me too, I feel like he’s the only one with balls. I can’t stand the English girl, the leader of the resistance whatever the shit is called.

Like Sam’s Captain America incorporating capoeira into his fighting style?

Sure, but I was thinking of when bucky swung new cap by his feet like a baseball bat and Sam ran at him with the shield and collided with new cap and they all fell like bowling pins, thereby ending the fight.

I’m pretty sure there was something else really stupid at the beginning of that fight too but I forgot.

This show is really bad. The clumsy and disjointed racial/social injustice messaging they’re shoehorning in to half of the scenes is incredibly distracting. But when you add in the awful writing, weak fight scenes, and terrible characters, it’s intolerable…

The main villains (Karli and the “Flag Smashers) are a weird group of whiny dorks that seem to be some sort of homage to Antifa. Zemo was awful in Age of Ultron-the worst villain in all of the Marvel movies— and he’s much worse in this. They effectively ruined Bucky and Sharon Carter. They’re completely different people than they were in the movies. Sam gets his ass kicked by everyone. And the new Cap is better than all of them but only because they suck so bad.

If Loki is bad it’s going to be time to cancel Disney+.

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I pretty much agree with everything you said.
The racial stuff is just exhausting, we see it in every television show, the news, 80% of movies, and everywhere on the internet.
Falcon definitely killed like ten people in a different country in the first episode with explosions, but since John Walker did it, it’s an international disgrace.
Bucky used to be a killing machine super soldier with a robotic arm, that was beating Black Panther’s ass, and Steve Rogers’ ass, and now he can’t hold his own against a dude that took the serum five minutes ago.

But, there are some hilarious jokes. The callback to Bucky refusing to move his seat up was really funny.
Kurt Russell’s son is by far the best part of the show, his character arc is interesting. Hopefully they can turn it around, because the first 3-4 episodes of WandaVision were pretty bad, and that turned out great.


Tough to turn it around when there’s only 1 episode left. I like it over all but yeah the “White man bad” shit is a little silly. Can’t just be “evil scientists” it’s gotta be da white man

Agreed with the Wyatt Russell take. The only reason I’ll watch the finally is to see what they do with his character. Everybody else sucks. The ginger terrorist is God awful too.

“No self-respecting black man would want to be Captain America…that white man’s shield…etc etc”
It’s annoying.

And I agree about the leader of the resistance, they keep trying to make us like her, but she killed several people in that bombing and even her own people were like “wtf, there were people in there.”
But the new Cap kills one person and viewers are supposed to turn on him.

Also, he should have shaved before going in for a court martial, in full dress uniform.

Didn’t know there was only one episode left in the season. Oh man, I hope they get the boat all fixed up!! That was 50% of the last episode.