Falcon and Winter Soldier Discussion Thread

I hope bucky and Sam end up kissing in the finale to put the cherry on top this queer show.

Captain America is the best part of this show. He should get a second dose and kill everyone

Episode 5 was so meh after episode 4’s finish. I like the Isiah Bradley story but racial messaging just seems forced and shoehorned in. I thought they were doing a decent job not just being blatant about the message up until this episode. The very drawn out buddy cop scenes are just boring. I did like the part about the winter soldier flirting with Sam’s sister but I kept remembering how he could barely even talk to that first Asian girl he went out with and now he’s being all flirty. Didn’t seem to match up but whatever lol

John Walker is the best character in this series to me.

Is that captain America?

I think that was more about who he was with.

With the asian girl, he’s sitting there wracked with guilt next to the father of one of the Winter Soldier’s victims he’s trying to make amends with, but can’t bring himself to admit what he’s done.

With Sam’s sister, he’s with Sam, and like most friends, knows that flirting with his sister will piss him off.

Yeah, that whole plot point of “Bucky needs to apologize!” pisses me off.


If I walk up to a sleeping dude, put a gun in his hand, use my finger to pull his finger on the trigger and shoot someone, is the sleeping guy guilty? Fuck no.

Bucky was mind-controlled and brainwashed into something else, almost like a robot. Now that he’s James Buchanan Barnes again, he is not responsible for any of that shit that the “robot” did.

Sure, be sad over it - but he isn’t responsible nor does he need to tell anyone he’s sorry. Maybe he can tell people shit he knows, yeah, like “Yes, your son is dead” to the Asian guy, but it’s not his fault in the slightest.

That’s kinda what makes him a tragic character. Everybody knows it’s not his fault, but he still remembers it, he still has nightmares about it, and he can’t get over because he’s a good guy.

I do find it odd that Marvel tried away to explain the shit that Wanda did willfully once she realized what was going on, and she didn’t need to apologize because “those people will never know what you gave up for them”…but Bucky does.

Granted Bucky killed folk, and she just tortured them for days/weeks/months or however long it was…

But still divergent takes on the same theme of super hero guilt.

Holy shit. The amount of bitching about the racial tropes is ridiculous. Get over it. I have a secret for you guys. Most comics incorporated racial and politics into their story lines. That Isaiah Bradley storyline happened. The same when Steve relinquished the shield and gave it to Sam. Many people had issues with it and was incorporated into the actual storyline. Just cause you guys want to pretend it didn’t happen and put your heads up your asses to avoid seeing it doesn’t mean it didn’t actually take place.

Also, winter soldier never beat up captain America and black panther. Those two always had his number. Go back and watch the movies. Cap held back and still was winning. Black panther kicked his ass all over the screen.

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I took it as Bucky needs to do that for himself, so that he (Bucky) can forgive himself. At some level, Bucky still feels responsible even though none of the things he did as the The Winter Soldier were actions he chose.

Maybe I misunderstood…

Yeah that’s how I took it too. He’s trying to get rid of his demons.


It’s not about Bucky’s victims forgiving him. It’s about Bucky forgiving himself. It’s the same theory as what 12 step programs do, except instead of apologizing for shit he did while under the influence of booze/drugs, he’s apologizing for shit he did while under the influence of Hydra. It’s the act of making amends that matters, not whether you receive forgiveness.

i can’t believe anyone is watching this. I’m up to date and decided to drop it. It’s hot garbage.

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No one is claiming it didn’t happen in the comics, you sound way too invested in this, you unhinged psycho.
We are only complaining that basically every television show, movie, or news segment focuses on race. God forbid we go to something like superheroes to give us a break from the monotony.

And yeah, Cap may have held back when he knew who the Winter Soldier finally was, but before that, he was giving it everything he had, and came up short. Black Panther did well against him without his suit, but still got his ass kicked until he had the vibranium suit to help him.

Also, Bucky wasn’t White Wolf in the comics, or do you only pick and choose what you want to take from the comics?
Was Cap part of Hydra the whole time?

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The finale was fine. Not as strong or satisfying as WandaVision, but we got a US Agent, Power Broker, Isaiah Bradley, Madame Hydra and cool-ass Baron Zemo out of it.

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Captain America’s speech at the end and the fact that he wouldn’t fight the girl at the end sucked. The politican telling him it’s complicated and his answer was basically just do it was laughable.

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I liked the resolution with Bucky. That was good and agent carter being a heel was a good turn too. They’ve really done a good job with Zemo - hope he shows up more in MCU as an anti-hero/almost a bad guy type of character.

The racial stuff wasn’t too bad. Had a good mix of patriotism and fixing racism, blah blah blah. The comics had that with the black characters so the movie is fine. I still can’t figure out why the wakandans would give Sam a suit and not fix his boat too.

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Giving Sam a new suit = helping a brother out.

Fixing his boat = welfare.


Still think he should have approached Pepper for the loan, pretty sure she wouldn’t have turned him down.


Not trying to be racist but fuck black Cap. That suit is fucking horrible. If he’s not taking the serum then whats the point?


This shield is so powerful it can cut into concrete when thrown…or you can knock it out of the air with a chair.