Falcon wagon, back on the dyno

 Found a bit more power in the old station wagon.  The blue lines show the hp/tq just as the car is driven, with the hood closed.

The green lines are from an experiment.  The carb is sealed to the scoop, and we were wondering what effect that 120+mph wind had as it rushed into the hood scoop, such as when I'm close to the end of a run at the dragstrip.

So, a brave friend held an electric leaf blower in front of the car during a dyno pull.  The blower was aimed AT the scoop, but was not directly in it, or sealed to it.  I was a little surprised!

That's a very good dyno plot.

You've got the perfect combination of parts.

Thank you :-) I'm pretty happy with it!

Had it back on the dyno this last weekend. Really wasn't expecting to do better than ~480. I've put alot more miles on it, with the Power Tour and such, so maybe the motor is now just better "broken-in"? Regardless, I was happy!

Pretty amazing dyno plot.

Coupled with the amazing station wagon weight transfer, no can defense.

What kind of engine?

351W-based. Dart block, 427". Pump gas, Hot Rod Power Tour Long Hauler.