Falcons player swallows weed to avoid cops

Atlanta Falcons RB Jason Snelling got busted for pot possession ... and, according to cops ... he tried to swallow some of the green buds -- a move he probably learned from the movie "Super Troopers."

Snelling was pulled over in a black Lincoln Navigator around 3:35 AM Friday in Winder, GA for failure to stay in his lane. Cops say they caught a whiff of ganja during the stop, and Snelling admitted he smoked up earlier.

Here's where it turns comical ... while officers were searching Snelling's ride they noticed him repeatedly swallowing, and asked him to open wide -- and police say they saw green leafy particles in his mouth.

Besides the leftovers ... police also found a marijuana grinder in his vehicle -- and arrested him, naturally at 4:20 AM, on a slew of charges: possession of marijuana (less than an ounce), possession of paraphernelia , driving on an expired license, and failure to maintain lane.

Lesson for Snelling -- don't try everything you see in the movies. Allegedly. Phone Post 3.0

Haha that happened in my hometown. When my brother was telling me about it I asked "what the hell was he doing in winder?" His response: "the only thing anyone does here; buying drugs". Phone Post 3.0

i'm fairly certain if i was getting 6-8 figures a year i would quit smoking during the season unless it was legal lol.

^ or at least hire a driver that had a valid license and could maintain the lane

Who cares? A better pain reliever than the legal drugs they can take. Phone Post 3.0

I could not fall asleep on Thursday night and watched Cops until 4am. There were 3 incidents of people trying to eat bud after getting pulled over. One guy said it was chew! They could have charged them with destruction of evidence, which is a felony but didn't.
I guess its better to eat some green, than to eat a few grams of soft.

If you're going to be driving with pot, keep it in a sealed container, and if your'e going to drive while high which you shouldn't, but don't get high in the car, and don't have more on you than you need to smoke.