Fallout 2 ???

I'm thinking about downloading Fallout 2 from suprnova but have a couple questions first.

  1. How is the gameplay?

  2. How are the controls?

  3. Is the game fun?

  4. Your opinion on the game.

Have you played Fallout 1?

Fallout 2 is almost identical to the first Fallout game. If you liked Fallout, you should like Fallout 2.

If you haven't played either Fallout, you should, they are great games.

Fallout has very good gameplay, it is an RPG or an adventure game, I'm not sure what people call it. It is a lot of fun. The controls are easy to learn.

The Fallout series has been one of my favorites over the fast few years. The only thing that is catching up with them is that the game has not really changed all that much from game to game.

Basically, good game, try it out.

I wish there was more fallout type games, instead of so many first person shooter and warcraft style games.

Fallout 2 is one of best RPGs ever.

kill kids and you will have bounty hunters after you everywhre you go. great game

How time consuming is this game?

Or should I say, how long does it take to complete?

Also, can you free roam like in the GTA games?

if i recall its a fairly large rpg. you can freeroam the landscape to trigger special encounters like star trek or pitch black if i remember correctly.

my game was over 100 hours, 60 hours was spent only on the brothel tho

It would be cool as shit if someone today modified the game so a porn video played everytime you got laid.

"I just finished D/Ling it I'll give it ago after over the weekend.."

Make sure you didn't download the one with PL in the title from the guy ShibbyStoner. It's in fucking polish or something.

Instead download the one from the guy LokiTorrent. The 584mb one.