Fallout 3 Early Tech Demo


What could have been.

Isn't Bioware working on it now?

I wish.

Bethesda has it.

That could be tragic.

Bethesda are using the oblivion engine...it could be amazing, too.

"Bethesda are using the oblivion engine...it could be amazing, too."

FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! There goes the game, it ain't Fallout anymore.

That hurt.

My wife and I played Fallout 1 and 2 for WEEKS!!

I am cautiously optimistic about bethesda's fallout....

But if it has dynamic leveling I'm gonna go on a killing spree.

so they're making it first person?

Jesus fucking christ, like there isn't enough already. Assholes.

that video really pisses me off. such a potentially great game canned.

I hope Bethesda makes a good game, but starting with the Oblivion engine is one strike against them.

LOL, when i said bethesda had it was like 1 million geeks crying out in unison.

I don't care if its first person or third frankly. But this game is gonna come out in 2010 on the oblivion engine? Won't it look dated by then?

Fallout 2 was great. I was a slave trading porn star who killed for fun. GOod times.

Not sure what this is...I got a link from a Russian site and can't dl at work. They claim it's a demo for the new game. Lemme know please.


becoming a porn star in New Reno was fucking awesome in Fallout2.