Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has my high school in it. The boss is my school mascot. The school isn’t the same layout, but they made some obvious, funny connections. Swimming pool in the cellar. I believe they got one of the teachers to do voice work for the speakers that click in during that part.

Fallout 4 is my area. Been right in that downtown area all my life.


Yeah having been to DC and NoVA so many times, Fallout 3 sucked me in. That and the 500+ posts about it on the OG. I built myself a divorce PC. lol

Dog that’s sad. I am sorry. Love you brother

I’d get all the mods that add immersion to the game, and the expansions too along with a ton more armor and weapons
It adds such variety and realism that its like a new game. I did that with Skyrim and it truly makes a huge difference.

Can we talk about the incredible soundtracks in the Fallout universe,

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Far Harbor is such a great add on. Going to talk the Children of Atom into nuking themselves. lol

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Kinda sucks playing this where I have to go through the main quest to be able to stop the glitch with Danse. Also prevents me from getting the final tape for Nick.

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I’ve played sooo many times, playing right now even, but have yet to play the dlcs Nuka and Harbor. This play through, even though again heavily modded, I plan to make this stint to last a couple of years doing everything and building around Sim Settlements…

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Nuka is by far my favorite harbor is awesome too

Cotton! Faggot! You miss d the awesome liberty prime reference in the Russia invades Ukraine chef something killed with it

This game is so fucking glitchy.

So I still can’t talk to Danse but may haveva work around. Hopefully. However, I can’t beat Nuka Worid because I can’t find the tape for Galactic Zone. It wasn’t there when I started so I just got the 20 star cores. Now need the tape. The body it is on doesn’t spawn. Just a trader. Fucking stupid. I guess I will just go slaughter all the raiders. I like beating it but don’t see me being able to find the body/tape to secure it. Game is super buggy to do stupid shit like this.

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Finally finished this round. I have been playing it since December. Obviously I could have beat it months ago but that’s the fun of the Fallout games. On to 3 and NV before another run at 4. I had to go full BoS this run so my man Liberty Prime could get his revenge on the Communist Chinese.

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Fallout NV > Fallout 4

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I love NV. All 3 of them are awesome. I will play NV in a month or two again.


On to 4 again. I like updating these threads to see exactly how long I am spending on the games. I tend to play them very slowly for a few hours a day for a few months. I am sure this run will be no different. I went exploring before going to Concord so I was level 7 by the time I got there. Definitely made it easier.


I am playing 4 again also. 1st time with mods. Nv 8s definitely best story but 4 has best game play


Once I get past the nostalgia I find 4 to be the better game. I love the older games but you simply can’t do as much as you can in 4.


Did they remaster New Vegas?

I got it on PS3 but they say the game is broke on that console so I was thinking to get it on Xbox One. But then I heard it was being remastered.

I’m not sure. I should stop being lazy and play them on PC but I just play them on Xbox out of convenience. Mainly because I like to have YouTube open on my computer while playing Fallout.

I have it on xbox 1, the color is a tad better othan that its the 360 version.

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Nostalgia factors are big for me in FO3 and a bit with FONV but the world of FO4 and everything you can do trumps it.
There are people that shit on the voiced PC but I find a greater immersion with it as well