Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3

Anyone else use Big Town early in the game to store their stuff and sleep? I use a cabnet in one of the buildings and sleep on that mattress outside the guard Dusty uses. This makes the grind early on so much easier. Store all of your stuff there and restore health with a quick nap. Always a fast travel away.

I also went to Rivet City pretty early in the game and have not even went to the science lab yet. Just there for upgraded equipment and to barter. You can get your best deal grinding with Bannon if you turn in Seagraves for being a slaver. I already have a high barter ranking for my level (72 on level 8) but the +5 barter with the trader outfit and +5 barter for the hat make it a pretty good deal early on with his discount for helping you. Bring him your stuff to sell, clean him out, go outside side, save for 48 hours, and he has cash again.

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I went to visit Benny at the Tops he lost his head.

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I use the Bittercup companion mod so I tend to head over there earlier sometimes too

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I stop by Big Town for her daily gift.

“You came to visit!”

Shut up and gimmie a stimpak, bish.

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Lol someone didnt invest enough in the L of S.P.E.C.I.A.L.


LOL I knew exactly where he was running to and that’s a Supermutant ambush spot

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Which one has the Deathclaw in the upstairs of a house that you have to sneak up on and sneak back setting about 10 fucking mines before you get his attention, just to get his health down enough to kill with a mini nuke ?

I didn’t blow up Megaton. I found I enjoy the grind of collecting stuff/buying and selling just as much as any other part of the game. The more vendors means the more caps I can get for the many things I have stored to sell.

Where is Mr. Burke if you say you will do it but decide to disarm the nuke? He isn’t in the bar ahd I can’t find hin at the towers. He is sending the mercs on me (which is awesome for XP and loot) so I want to confront him. I killed the guard for the door at the towers to see if he is on the balcony with the old man but he isn’t. Somehow, the rest of the building isn’t hostile despite me killing that guard and wearing his gear. lol

Holy fuck I missed that one.

If I remember correctly it’s in the north east area of the map around a small pond. They have robots you can activate in the area as well.

I always kill him with a combat shotgun while he murders my companion. :slight_smile:

Hitting up Point Lookout in the morning. Easily my favorite DLC of any of the Fallout games. The story there is incredible. It is an awesome map. The loot/grind is incredible. 100 repairs at Haley’s. There is something…conforting about that map. The sound of the door opening at the hotel you use to stash everything where the Chinese spy was at and as you exit you hear the wind. It is a really peaceful part of the game before going out looking for trouble.

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Definitely not new vegas. and I don’t remember from 3 so must be 4. I got killed a 100 times then finally threw up the youtube vid and yeah, guy snuck up, set up like 10 mines, got it’s attention, then still had to duke it out after. It wasn;t a mini nuke though, that was glorification…

But I have mini nuked lots of enemies that just took it… fuck me…

I’m pretty certain what you’re talking about is on 4.

It’s a legendary at any level I believe.

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I thought I read once he just vanishes from the game.

However per wiki : if the Lone Wanderer disarms the nuke, he will leave Moriarty’s Saloon and travel back to Tenpenny Tower (this might take him a few days, and he may be killed in the wasteland); he will then spend all of his time in or on the same floor as his suite.

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Yup. It’s legendary allright…

If you activate all 4 robots in the area before getting its attention you can run back to the friendly robots and let it kill them while you shoot it. Then have your companion get in there and take one for the team.

All while you bang bang bang it in the head.

I think that’s the Witchcraft Museum

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