Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3

Yep totally starting up a new install and set up with this now.

Also you should do the mods of the guy that made Depravity and Companion Dialogue Overhaul, there are a couple others he’s done too that mix together. Makes it a completely different game.

Kinggath should have been hired to work on FO5. Seriously…

Wasn’t the the whole Fallout 76 game on game pass at one point? I just went to download it again, and it’s only the DLC Steel Dawn. Is that even worth playing just by it’s self?

Yeah, it was different and a little confusing to me, so I kind of fucked up my character a bit.

I played on PS4. Didn’t like how you could only have 1 companion.

I’m thinking of going back and restarting it with a different character since I haven’t played it in so long.

I like 4 a lot, but it isn’t 3rd to me over the older games.

Started NV again. This should be a long run. A day into this I am remembering how much I really love this game.

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All this time in the Mojave will make you wish for a nuclear winter.

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