Fallout - should I play it?

I've heard a lotta good things about this game but I know its a little aged. Is it still worth playing despite its old graphics etc? (pc version).


I love Fallout 2. Greatest RPG ever.

yes, it is still fun today. Don't let the outdated graphics discourage you. it is a great game.

Fallout 2 is the greatest RPG ever. I'm thinking about re-installing it.

My take on it - I've been playing high-end stuff lately like Max Payne 2, Homeworld 2, etc. I do like my eye candy, and I love my cutting-edge graphics and my surround-sound games.

That said, I played Fallout just 3 months ago. I loved it. And as soon as I finish Chrome, Raven Shield, and Spellforce, Fallout 2 is next ;-)

Play the goddamn games! Fallout and Fallout2 are the very pinnacle of computer RPGs.

I saw pics of the now cancelled Fallout 3... They didn't want to mess with the formula, and kept the whole thing isometric.

What's really killing me was that there was a multiplayer component to it.


The graphics are purely functional, but the music/sound (especially in FO2), story and dialogue are top notch. It does a great job of sucking you into the story.

Fallout was so good that Fallout 2 was basically the same thing all over again, with wittier dialogue but a silly story, and many consider it the best RPG of all time.

play fallout and fallout2. Great games, hysterical dialogue and scenarios.

The Fallout games were awesome.