Fallouts vs KOTOR

Which game is better? Im about 4 hours into KOTOR and so far I'd say its inferior to the King Of RPGS.

Obviously, the Fallouts can't compete from a technological standpoint, but the immersion and variety is of a much higher level. It also seems there are a lot fewer quests to complete in KOTOR.

Maybe being a fan of Star Wars is a requirement for loving this game, and Im not going to deny its good, but playing it makes me wish I had Fallout 2 installed on my computer again.

this is going to make me unpopular but I didnt like the Fallouts. I didn't find KOTOR all that fun either, the gameplay wasnt that great and I found myself just wanting to get on in the story without having to play.

hm, guess I'll fire it up again then.

fallout rapes kotor

Very kiddy and soap operish is the kotr, not to mention boring and shitty. Annoying bitch and the whiny guy kill the rest of the playing. combat mode sucks. And I also have to point out that I did not like kotr at all.