Family athletic academy(richmond)?

Anyone trained there or know anything about the instructor Mark??My freind would like to train somewhere but i said i would do a background check first.Thanks

i heard it is a good place to train

that is where I did the GSP seminar-- seems like a good palce- if he is from richmond another place to check out is creative fighters guild.

"if he is from richmond another place to check out is creative fighters guil".

-I wouldn't recommend it.

mini magnus- i think many of us here especially me would like to know why you dont recommend creative fighters guild??

tell us,

Basically I will never recommend the place simply because of the lies, politics, and lack of professionalism and lack of respect towards students by the instructors that occurred when I trained there many years ago.

If it is close enough to travel to, I heartily recommend Cocoon Athletics downtown. There are other good clubs also in the Greater Vancouver Area.

for grappling:

if location is a concern, my impression is that the family athletics would probably be the best bet in the richmond/delta area.

if you can make it downtown then either cocoon or universal are probably the best choices.

but best of all if you can make it to north burnaby (or langley), marcus soares is your best option by a fair margin in terms of pure quality of instruction.

Does Family Athletics still train with a gi, or are they No Gi?

I thought I heard that they are with Chris Brennan now (who made some recent promotions at the GSP seminar....I think) but I know Chris doesn't train with "pyjamas".

Do they do both?

Err..My bad, Chris was after GSP seminar.

anyone got the address of this place or know the monthly cost?

don't know the exact address but around 6road and westminster highway richmond. right across from the firestation.