Family dressed dead guy up Like Green Lantern....

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Headline: Relatives Dress a Deceased Man as Green Lantern and Stand Him Up at His Wake Because He Was a Hero to Them

The relatives of Renato García, a Puerto Rican boxer who enjoyed dressing up as Green Lantern during the last few weeks of his life, decided to give him a standing wake dressed as his favorite DC Comics superhero because the community considered him to be a superhero in life. In an interview with Primera Hora, his sister Milagros García said Renato was always willing to lend a hand.

(translated) He was always very helpful. He was left anyone wanting. Never say no. You beckoned and he was always there. …I was going to a regular funeral for him, but the neighbors and the community had this idea. I know he would have liked it.

The community also came out to Renato’s funeral, wanting to say goodbye to the kind person they knew and loved.

Lots of mourners, relatives, friends and residents of the village of San José in Río Piedras, wore shirts alluding to the famous character, as a symbol of mourning on the death of Renato, who attributed all attractive qualities and virtues. Neighbors said that when Renato found a Green Lantern costume in the trash can and decided to dress and embody the character, nobody scoffed at him, and were sympathetic when they out found what he did.




It's always Marvel Vs DeCeased. Phone Post 3.0

This wake shit is starting to get outta hand Phone Post 3.0

Wtf man. This is terrifying. Phone Post 3.0

Those kids are gonna be traumatized as fuck. Wtf man Phone Post 3.0


Sit down boys and girls. 

Let me tell you a little story about the Black Green Lantern. 

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Everything about those pics are terrifying. Low lit room with a skinny dead dude dressed and propped up as the green lantern. That's the scene of a horror movie. Phone Post 3.0

Jobe Watson version 2.0 - It's always Marvel Vs DeCeased. Phone Post 3.0
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Still not as traumatizing as the Green Lantern movie Phone Post 3.0

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"Blackest Night" for real. Phone Post 3.0

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Can't wait to see what the relatives of a dead Puerto Rican porn star do to his body

Jobe Watson version 2.0 - It's always Marvel Vs DeCeased. Phone Post 3.0
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Damn couldn't they at least have gotten him a decent looking lantern suit off ebay or some shit? Instead of this cheap ass kmart nylon nonsense?

Jobe Watson version 2.0 - It's always Marvel Vs DeCeased. Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit, it's almost 3:30 a.m. and I think I woke up my kids from laughing so hard! VU!

Jobe Watson version 2.0 - It's always Marvel Vs DeCeased. Phone Post 3.0




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Someone should tell them that there is the Green Lantern Corps, not the Green Lantern Corpse Phone Post 3.0