Family fishing for dinner get harassed

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Damn it, it's a yahoo video so it's not coming out but here's the link.

You guys have to check it out, I got triggered so hard when the animal activist dude throws their fish back in the water.  I'm shocked they controlled themselves that well I would've not been so reasonable...

Can that activist be charged with theft? That fish was personal property at that point. 

I was hoping to see that dude get whipped with a fishing pole.

My dad is a life long outdoorsman. He's hunted and fished for his whole life. He's retired and lives at a lake so he can fish everyday. We have a rainbow trout stocked pond out at the farm. My dad has done more and given more for wildlife and the environment that all those protesters combined.

Anyone who thinks hunting and fishing is cruel needs to give their head a shake.

The guy said he physically picked up and moved his mothers leg to be able to throw the fish back into the water. That should have been enough to get tossed in the water along with them. Piece of shit terrorizing old ladies. 

A swift uppercut elbow to that guy's chin would have ended that circus immediately. You're already an asshole for harassing people like that. If it's legal, go fuck yourself.

Putting hands on my wife or mom? we're going to be on the news and not in the way you imagined.

Bob Hope looking good these days...

These protesters are retarded.

It is illegal to harass or molest someone who is hunting or fishing they could and should have been ticketed for harassment.

 Putting aside my hatred for those idiots all I will say is am I the only one that thought he looked and sounded like Kevin from shameless? Oh and fuck him.

Again, two video threads in less than a week involving Pinellas county. Fist the chic fil a now St.Pete. This is fucking nuts, I was hoping this type of shot wouldn't start here. Surprising also since we have the stand your ground law

In Florida it is completely legal to open carry IF you are coming or going or in the act of fishing. That dude needs apistol and holster for intimidation.

Fuck our broken legal system. Used to be a man had to really stand up and sometimes answer for his actions and the shit that exited his mouth.

Now the scum of the earth attorneys spend their every last moment chasing ambulances, suing anything with a pulse and a penny, and making more laws to keep themselves in power. So men can cry like bitches and get away with acting like emotional women....

Fuck that female officer too....get the faggots info...grandmoms got a legit right to persue misdemeanor A&b charges before the magistrate if shes to cowardly to take a stand

I'm surprised the younger bald headed fisherman didn't go full mayhem on this guy. 


Would he have caught charges since since that Dipshit touched his mom first?

Can 4chan find this bitch and get him?

Banchan -
Yamie Jagerbomb -

Can 4chan find this bitch and get him?

Lol the fat fishing fuc left the fish on the pavement.   Funny how he doesnt tell the news the real story.  The animal group came and pestered him because he left a fish flapping on the pavement in the hot sun.  Only after the animal group came and pestered him did he offer to put it in a bucket of water.  Fuc him


Awe, your feelings are hurt. Need a tissue Sally?

On my way to Flagler Beach right now.  My wife asks me why I bring a pistol and mace in my dry box for a day at the beach.  The mace is asshole repellant to get rid of pests that don't leave after I've calmly said "back off" twice.  The pistol is for persistent assholes that come back after the mace.  Cops aren't babysitters waiting around every inch of a massive state like Florida waiting to protect you and your family.  They're too busy giving out speeding tickets and fucking with black people in run down neighborhoods to patrol places where everyday people do everyday things.  I'm decent enough to offer an asshole 2 opportunities to get their act together and walk away, and decent enough to teach them some manners via pepper gel. After that someone can scoop them up and cart them to the morgue.  At that point I will have demonstrated restraint in protecting my personal space before using deadly force.  

The irony is that here in Australia it's illegal to throw Tilapia back if caught - they are a noxious pest. I can't see any cunt behaving like that knob here, though. at least in my neck of the woods.