Family Guy voice actor cucks.


Silliest shit.  

He should hand in all of his ill gotten money from the last 20 years as well

Am I the crazy one or is this cancelling thing a mass halucination and it only has power because people believe that it has power?

I called it a few days ago. Family Guy will be edited unfortunately..

shen - So actors need to BE what they play?

Makes sense. No more accents, no more brits playing Americans, in short, no more... acting.

How will the BBC handle their long standing policy of colorblind casting?  Will they stop casting black people in historically correct white roles?  Will they stop casting white people to play historically black roles....oh never mind 

I demand an actual paraplegic voice Joe. 

I demand an actual pedophile voice Herbert.

I demand an actual dog voice Brian. 

I demand an actual baby voice Stewie. 

Cancel everything!!!! 

clattymine -
CryLikeAGoat -

So stupid

It’s a dumb issue but it’s smart for him to do it before he gets cancelled. 

It sucks that we’re in this state of the world. 

Yup he's getting out before he's called out. 

Did these idiots forget they're acting and this isn't real? They're job is to be someone they're not. You're essentially pissing on the art form of acting.

Finally we will get a real pedo to play Herbert.

And maybe Chris D'Elia can find work voicing Quagmire.

This is hilarious.

If you look at the comments on Twitter, there is no groundswell of support from the black community over this.

Does he even have the ability to get other gigs? Has he done any work besides being Cleveland? He should just keep going, why does it matter? He probably makes stacks from syndication residuals anyway. Doesn't need to be able to get other gigs.