Family of man fatally hit by South Dakota AG say fines not "adequate" punishment


I’d be really angry if the man who died was my family.


Scumbag of the highest order.

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Walking on a rural highway seems pretty safe and hard to believe someone can mistake a person for a deer on a road like that. Lol

Meanwhile, a guy in my locale had just been charged with murder, yes murder, because he hit a guy mowing his lawn close to the road. No drugs or alcohol involved, no fleeing the scene, no fuckery, just an accident.

Why they are charging him with murder I have by idea but it will never stick.


Amazing what you can get away with if you have some money.

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Dude was texting or doing something on his phone and hit the guy.

Who the fuck calls 911 to report that you hit a deer??

The fact that he went back the next day to look for the body is an indication that he knew he hit a person.


Not really most rural highways don’t have anywhere to pull over. And you don’t expect someone walking on them. Play stupid games you know.

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Must be some good family members didn’t check on someone missing over night.

Can’t buy happiness, but you can buy freedom.


Just imagine how different the charges would be if he was not a South Dakota Attorney General but a plumber or maybe a manager at some store.

I’m beyond sick of how different charges are depending on your status.


Imagine if the DA turned into a woman…


Wow. It must hard to swallow for the family. And we indeed know another dude would probably get the book thrown at him, But then, his story is quite plausible so you can’t convict an innocent either. Though as an AG he just knew how to do present his story…

What really looks bad, it’s him making the case snail along and “Ravnsborg didn’t attend the hearing — he didn’t have to and was represented by his attorney, Tim Rensch. That angered the family of the man Ravnsborg struck”.

It does reek of arrogance and lack of remorse.

Interesting enough, I am friends with a guy who works for the Highway Patrol, and he told me a truck driver hit a deer and called it in. The officer searched for the deer and found it was actually a human. They ruled it a suicide.

I know lots of animal lovers that might hit an animal then call it in hoping the cops find it and put it out of its misery.

This AG called it in the night it happened. Guess the highway patrol also thought he hit an animal.

Yup. Ask Hunter!


From everything I’ve read, fuck this guy. He belongs in prison.

Dude should be given a medal. He killed a dirty communist