Family vs police in massive brawl/fatal shooting

What a god damn shit show this is, had to watch it a couple times to even see wtf was happening. The cops didn't seem very organized or professional I must say but at the same time that family just didn't give up, what a crazy video.

Blue please

Wow what a clusterfuck.

What a shit-show.

Any back story or was it just crazy white people being crazy?

first time seeing this.  what an absolute mess.   the family is lucky they didn't all get killed.    wtf seriously

currently watching this PBP

The clan was essentially homeless. They were all living out of the POS Chevy Suburban in the WalMart parking lot.

Couple of the family members were deemed incompetent to stand trial.

Essentially savages.

Cop that got shot (with his own gun) had to retire because he never regained full feeling in his leg.

that was nuts and went on forever

where was all the backup?

that family doesnt know the meaning of "get down"

a taser woulda been useful, but i am cool with guns used there too