Famous Chris Taylor Throw

I know this isn't judo but I found footage on-line of the famous throw from the 1972 Olympics of Chris Taylor. He was about 450 lbs and gets hit with a beautiful throw. Click on Dietrich-Taylor 1972. Enjoy.


Potent. Chris' tremendous weight just avalanched right over once that fella got his hips underneath him. Spectacular throw and transition to pin.

Chris wrestled at a Michigan junior college prior to transferring to Iowa. I watched him wrestle once when he was in junior college.

Chris, by all accounts, was a great human being, RIP.


Do you remember if Chris medaled in the '72 Olympics?

i think he took bronze.

but, that is possibly the greatest throw ive ever seen in anything.

I've seen the photograph of that throw in many a wrestling room but had never seen the actual throw. Very cool!

He had a great teaching technique for kids at wrestling camps.

"Hey dummy!"


"Yeah, you. Get over here"


"Yeah, you."

He sits on poor kid.

Kid suffocates.

"Don't let him pin you, dummy"

kumi, I do believe he won the bronze medal as Josh opined.

My brother Billy wrestled for Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, MI and he told about this mountain of a guy on the team they would br wrestling so I went to watch the dual meet. Turns out the big fella was Chris Taylor. Chris just squashed the Henry Ford guy.