Famous Dave's

I'm heading there in a bit. Recommend me some food! I love anything spicy and love meat (beep). Phone Post 3.0

Dave Chapelle

never been there

The meat is good but the sides sorta suck imo.

In San Diego ? Phone Post

I dont like it. There are far better places to have BBQ.

It's OK. I liked it until they charged me like $50 for ice tea. My mom and son had ice tea and the waiter kept bringing refills. $50 bucks Haha what a joke. I tip well but I deducted $ for that shit.

I'll drop $100+ a. Person on a meal for some good food but sneaky chain restaurant gimmicks fuck them. Like said above lot better places for BBQ

I remember the combo platter being pretty good

They jizz in the sauce.

Type R - They jizz in the sauce.

that's what Dave's famous for

Combo platter it up. You get to sample all the meats and its usually a good value. Enjoy Phone Post 3.0

St. Louis ribs n beans n burnt ends. Fucking awesome. Devils spit n Wilbur's revenge FTW.

I love that place. Phone Post 3.0