Famous People Diary Quotes

Kurt Cobain


"I am a male, age 23, and I am lactating. My breasts have never been so sore. Not even after receiving titty twisters from bully school mates. They had hair down there long before I stopped playing with dolls. I haven't stopped playing with dolls. I havent masturbated in months, because I've lost my imagination. I close my eyes, and I see my father, little girls, german shepards, and TV news commentators, but no voluptuous, pouty-lipped, naked female sex kittens, wincing in ecstasy from the illusory positions I've conjured up in my mind. No, when I close my eyes I see lizards & flipper babies, the ones who were born deformed because their mothers took bad birth control pills. I am seriously afraid to touch myself."

Andy Warhol

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Andy Warhol's diary was written by his secretary Pat Hackett and not the pop art icon himself. From 1976 to 1987 (just a few days before his death) Warhol would phone Hackett daily to discuss the previous days events, provide a mundane list of his expenditures, and chat about life in general. More than 20,000 pages were transcribed by hand, typewritten, and eventually (posthumously) turned into a book Details about the artist's recollections of parties, famous friends (and foes) are all included -- some of them more flattering and kind than others, which probably burned a few folks who found out his true feelings years later. The picture he painted of the cultural landscape during his time was fascinating no matter the subject.

Marquis de Sade


The often repellent and always fascinating Marquis de Sade kept a lengthy journal during his imprisonment at the Charenton Asylum in France, where he eventually died in 1814. The sadistic Marquis spent most of his life in prisons for various acts -- often obscene and related to his writings -- but was finally declared insane by his family and locked up for good in 1801. The daily journal revealed a deep-seated paranoia and mania, but also detailed the Marquis' deviant, darker thoughts. Though De Sade's family tried to keep his work suppressed for years, two of the four journals were eventually published -- an amazing feat considering his son ordered his manuscripts to be burned immediately after his death.

Lewis Carroll

Charles Dodgson, better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, wrote an extensive set of journals since childhood, totaling 13 volumes. After the Alice in Wonderland author's death in 1898, his family took control of the writings, until 1969 when the British Library purchased them. An edited version was initially published in the 1950s, but the unexpurgated copy didn't arrive until much later. Up until that point, Dodgson's sexuality and claims of pedophilia were often at the center of conversation when it came to discussing the writer's personal relationships -- particularly the controversial one he had with young family friend, Alice Liddell. Dodgson abruptly cut all ties with the Liddells in 1863, but his diary doesn't reveal the reasons why, as the pages for those dates are missing. (Four volumes also mysteriously vanished.) Speculation about a marriage proposal to an 11-year-old Alice and other inappropriate romantic entanglements have abounded, but only those lost writings contain the truth.

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Anne Lister

"I love and only love the fairer sex and thus beloved by them in turn, my heart revolts from any love but theirs," wealthy British landowner -- and O.G. of modern lesbianism -- Anne Lister confessed in her diary Admitted 19th century homosexual women weren't exactly popular during Lister's time, which is why she poured her heart out into a four million-word diary. Yes, million. Not only that, but the journal was encrypted with her own invented Greek/algebra code that was recently deciphered. The journals documented the mundane details of everyday life alongside graphic lines about her passionate affairs with aristocratic women. She even married one, eventually.

Lord Byron


Young libertine Lord Byron was "mad, bad, and dangerous to know," but the poet was a lit celeb during his time. His penchant for married affairs, the birth of several illegitimate children, his confusing relationship with his half-sister Augusta, and other scandalous acts quickly tarnished his reputation. He ventured on a self-imposed exile from Britain and didn't find resurgence in popularity again until his death. The wild and romantic scribe trusted his personal diaries to fellow poet Thomas Moore, who delivered them to Byron's publisher, John Murray. To avoid another scandal and to save his own reputation, Murray burned the pages (with the blessing of several of Byron's friends and the executors of his will). If only fireplaces could talk.


One of the most famous diaries is that of Anne Frank. Anne Frank depicted her life in hiding during World War II through her personal diary "Kitty." The diary described life with her family and four friends in Amsterdam during German occupation. As she and her family were Jewish, they were forced to hide in a hidden apartment.

The diary for which she is famous was given to her on her thirteenth birthday. The diary chronicles the life of her and her family from June 12, 1942 to August 1, 1944. The book was originally published by her father, Otto Frank, who returned to Amsterdam and found the book. The original title was The Backhouse: Diary Notes from 12 June 1942-1 August 1944. The book would later be published as The Diary of a Young Girl. The book has been translated from Dutch into several languages and has also been made into films, television movies, theatrical productions and an opera. Anne Frank accurately described every detail of what it was like to live under Nazi occupation in hiding.

Lewis Carroll, or Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, was a famous author. He is best known for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He is known for his unique word play, logic and unique fantasy tales. Dodgson kept several diaries, but there is some controversy over several diaries that have disappeared. These diaries are for the years 1858-1862. It appears that these pages of the diaries have been deliberately removed, but by whom nobody knows.

Many scholars believe that these pages were most likely removed by the family interest of hiding personal information that they did not want shared. This period of time seems to be between the ages of 22 and 32. One explanation is that during this time period, Dodgson had proposed marriage to the 11-year-old Alice Liddell. This Alice is believed to be the heroin in his famous children's story

The diary of Samuel Pepys is one of the most important diaries in history. The diary is a personal record of his life and the writing indicates that it was never intended for publication. It is also apparent that Pepys took great steps to preserve the diary, as he had the pages bound into six volumes and then catalogued in his personal library.

The diary itself was written in shorthand. This made it a very unique record to transcribed, as it had to be translated from a key that Pepys provided in his personal library. The first to transcribe the diary into English was Reverend John Smith, whom did not know of the key to the shorthand. Pepys recorded ten years of his life. He was very honest in his accounts and documented everything from the women he courted to his friends and business dealings.

The diary also provides an accurate account of life in London in the 1660's. It was during this time that the city saw many catastrophes including the Great Plague of London in 1665 and the Great London Fire of 1666. The diary itself provides historians great insight to how people lived during the 1600s and how these events shaped the face of such a large and populous city.

Truman would write notes and comments throughout the day. These may not have been official diary entries, but they are very poignant and show us how the president felt. According to Mr. President: The First Publication from the Personal Diaries, Private Letters, Papers and Revealing Interviews of Harry S. Truman, Thirty-Second President of the United States of America we are able to gain great insight on his day-to-day life, which is something that many Americans ponder about when they think of how a president lives.

Truman would write notes about each appointment he had during the day. After visiting with a public figure, he jotted down a comment stating, "This man not only wants to run the country, but the universe and the entire Milky Way." Another note after an appointment read, "Baloney Peddler." After having dinner at the Mayflower Hotel for Jackson Day Dinner, he wrote, "An enthusiastic meeting. My first political speech as President. Rang the bell, I believe."

These quirky comments provide us with an insight on the daily life of a president, but they also show that they too are human and like to be recognized for their achievements as well. Truman was also known to write memorandum notes on a daily basis. He said that they helped to clarify his thinking and serve as notes for his studies and decision.

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