Fang Shen Do??

Hey Guys,

I've been in Ottawa for about a year and have always been curious about the local Kung-Fu franchise, a style called Fang Shen Do.

I went to watch a class once, and they told me that I was not allowed, but that I would have to sign up for a, albeit free, intro class. So, I did. The class consisted of basic Wing Chun (of which I have zero experience) and seemed a bit more marketing oriented than I was looking for.

I'm just curious about them and the style. It seems very effective. Any stories, opinions, (honest) takes on the system or school? Good for self-defense? MMA? Just sport?



I remember my first class at Fateh's. They beat the crap out of me but were very nice about it.

If you want an answer from someone who has trained at this club,
repost your question in the Moreira, Jen, Floro forum (Expert
Q&As) and hopefully Marc Scott will see it. I can guarantee it won't
be a good review.


it is the art of biting without biting

Is Baki who I think he is ??? Ron ?



Are you guys on this forum again....

Hello boys, sorry I haven't been around in a week, I've some kinda sore throat virus (I don't even want to get into HOW I got this virus....she looked ok in the dark!) and the Doc said I should lay low for about a week or so. He also said he wasn't sure if it was contagious (Yeah, Canadian health care system!!), so I should probably not be in close contact with people, so I figured why expose you guys to a fever and a vice grip on the throat.

On the plus, the lack of training has given me much more time to post little inconsequential questions on the forums....

I'll give you a shout later, I should be back Fri or Sat...

until then...


i found patenaude's got me up to speed physically/mentally/technically faster than most places would, though i'm sure a more sparring oriented school might toughen you up faster

If he got you up to speed, you probably needed a lot
more work than you realised

Sled Dog is correct.

Keep in mind, there are very few people qualified to teach WCK or JKD (ignore any spinoff thereof) in Canada, and fewer amoung them really willing to teach it (not just take the money and protect the rice bowl). But, there are lot of people who want the ego gratification of a cult-like following. Run, don't walk from these types. Real skill gives real confidence and real willingness to share gives real openess.

As an aside, as someone who can read a little Chinese, I still LMAO when I see the names many schools give themselves. Lost in Translation-esque.

Lol, the art of biting without biting. Good shit.

I'll try to be succint in my thoughts on FSD.

"Cult led by psychopath"

Hmmm, did I miss anything...nope pretty sure that about covers it.

i guess i have a lot of respect for it (or WCD, i know Sijo Demille had a boxing past) because when my friend comes at me with a straight blast i find myself unable to defend against it .... and am pretty intimidated by 8 punches a second :(

where would you learn to defend against it? .... i have played around with people like wayne-o and he totally kicked my butt, but i never expected anything differently seeing as he can take damage that would knock me out and he has been at boxing for so much longer than i have any striking art .... i also find it intimidating when he does a rendition of the straight blast and runs at me with quick jabs
(respect wayne-o)

8 punches in a second?

Wing Chun Do is a bad name, it is not the 'way' or 'path' of Wing Chun in any way shape or form...

And hmeboy is correct. 8 punches missing a second is remarkably refreshing ;)

fsd is a farce, you want to know how to stop the striaght blast, clinch and dump him on his head or fake high and then shoot in and dump him on his head or even better side step and dump him on his head. If fsd is great how come it has not grown to the same size as say judo or bjj? It is a farce, the boys in here are right it is like a cult!!!

I actually know a guy at my work who does that...

He says they use eye-gouge, nad strikes, didn't mention biting.

It roughly translates to "Way of Protecting Yourself" in Chinese. One of those schools that believes their stuff owns THE STREET (tm).

I don't know where this "STREET" is that all these people talk about where all this fighting is going on but damn, I will stay away from it.

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